Fantastic Fabulous Fails
An awesome post about different fails that you can see in almost everyday life. Take a read and enjoy

- From : Zahra Valentine

Welcome WoSians to an all new blog post that I truly hope you enjoy! As you can see this is an all new post. How I have portaled to different parts of the country, of course within my limits and managed to catch some of these fails on video and I wanted to share them with you. So please take a seat and enjoy! I hope you laugh as hard as I did when I saw these. Well… not all of them I took myself, a few of them I had to pay a pretty penny to get...

This first one up… I feel like could happen to all of us, but… it didn’t happen to me so… I feel comfortable sharing it...
I am not the most graceful person… so… this would be something that I would do…. shhh Wyatt, I don’t need your sass.
Poor Crowley… how awkward must that of been...
I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky… nope looks like crashing to the ground is a better idea…
Don’t forget about this time dear brother ;) and don’t lie trying to say it wasn’t you… Cause… it was… I think… if not oh well it’s still pretty funny.
And that concludes your blog post for today. If you enjoyed this and want to see this again, leave a comment below! Until next time! Now, go get hunting!
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Neena Addams

Neena Addams Hahaha! Love it!

Madelyn Hayes

Madelyn Hayes Omg I'm dying hahahahaha

Layla Genes

Layla Genes Majestical

Zillah Marvelles

Zillah Marvelles Painful, yet hilarious. I love it! :D

Qouvus Willow

Qouvus Willow Beatiful

Chester Almonte

Chester Almonte Ahahaha. I loveeee this article. Can see myself doing many of these.

Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson These are great!! Also, is it another fabulous fail that the title says 'fantastic' but the header and subtitle say 'funny'? ;)

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