10 reasons why...
Indecisive a bit? Worry not, some things are just amazing to do. For example, dating! Today, our Nexus lovers give you 10 reason why dating is pretty amazing!

- From : Neena Addams

10 Reasons why:
Being in love is amazing

Written by the lovely lovers on WoS
Edition two was all about being single right? Well today we gatherd 10 reasons why being in love//Dating//having a relationship//Being married//About to date a pie is amazing. Here is our list of ten reasons why being in love is amazing.

10 reasons why being in love is amazing:

1.Your partner has to support you, no matter what. Do something stupid and your partner has your back! Need someone to hide a body? Guess what.. Your partner can help!

2. your partner/loved one/ criminal heart stealer is always there for you. You can be as stupid as you can be but she or he will love you otherwise.

3. They help you become a better/worse person then you are now

4. Who else would buy you food and give you cuddles??? Feed you, adore you and tell you that you look amazing even though its like 6am, you just woke up, your hair is all messed up, drool at the side of your face and a little swollen.

5. Your partner sees all your flaws and loves you anyway, making you feel like you really are enough. Giving you self confidence when you thought you didnt have any.

6. Your partner can bring the best, crazy, or calm side out in you. They basically balance you.

7. Welp, the person you are with is there to cheer you up when your down, to make you laugh when your sad, to love you when you dont love yourself, can see the good in you when you cant, and to just make you smile with a simple sentence like "you are cute"

8. you have that special someone who understand what youve been through, be there for future events, and just someone who can lend you a shoulder when you need it.

9. If you cant cook and they can, your in luck.

10.You have a best friend and S.O all rolled into one, How great is that?

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