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Interviewee: Dastan Mavros
Interviewer: Casey Ravenhearst


Hello Hello and welcome back to yet another intriguing interview! This week we have interviewed the red bean Dastan Mavros with a random question generator! SO keep reading to hear all of the answers to the crazy questions!

Q1: Would you want to know when you'll die?

Dastan: "When Chester eventually attempts to off me after one too many times for deciding to take a photo of the ever untameable bed-headed Chester in the morning before he has a chance to tame his hair with a beanie. However, I would like to know some of the older incantations to long forgotten spells or spells that only the creator originally knows the true wording too before the spell was translated into many languages. Spells of resurrection or spells of the demise of others. I wish to be able to stay on top of the Mega Coven as Grand Witch until there is nothing else to teach the witches.”

Q2: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Dastan: “Become Best Man and Maid of Honour at the wedding of Amberle Colt and Logan Torsten. The dresses, the shoes, the cake. Yet also the booze. If there isn't enough booze to fill the local town river then there won't be enough, they're both Hunters they can easily out-drink the average of 'monster' so we better start saving every last drop around here or else we'll drink the town dry.”

Q3:. What is the longest amount of time that you've slept for?

Dastan: “46 hours, 35 minutes and 27 seconds. This is why you do not have a bored Primordial sleep in the same space as you as he begins counting how long you sleep for when he gives up waiting for you.

Q4: What was your least favorite job that you've had?

Dastan: “An errand runner, going off and delivering supplies from one coven to another. Having large contents of blood in your bag, with only two stakes and a vial of Holy Water because being a Human Torch gave away the game far too easily and people tracked us down once. Errands were often small hops, however, often dousing from one clan to another at a speed many wouldn't be able to contest with. Yet as the jobs grew in orders for the 'small one' and I began to grow older, eventually on the first errand out to a campsite longer than two days there and back, I was assigned a guard. He didn't tell me his name so I nicknamed him Kevin Ol' Bitey McGee. But the journey was without a hitch so it was rather boring the entire time. Most would question why it was boring because I got to be out of the estate, yet I couldn't see the sites as it was often late at night and more often than not there was rain.”

Q5: At what age would you consider someone to be old?

Dastan: “ This is a rather hard one, as many humans would often consider somewhere around 50 to be old, yet when you are immortal the idea of 50 being old is somewhat laughable. I wish to say 500 - yet one of my allies is 501 and next time I see her if I were to say 500 were old then I believe my head would no longer be attached to my body. So in the region of 600 odd, you have seen the world evolve and then see what is truly left of it after all this time.”

After several crazy answers, we have reached the conclusion of this week's interview! Stay tuned for July’s spotlight topic and keep reading!

Reminder: A question generator is used to get these random questions.
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