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When we talk about Supernatural, there are probably three names that immediatly pop up: Castiel, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. Last week, I told you all about Sam Winchester and his actor, Jared Padalecki. Today our main focus will be Dean Winchester and the man behind the character: Jensen Ackles.

Dean Winchester is one of the two brother hunters and follows his father's legacy of hunting monsters. Apart from that, Dean is a member of the Men of Letters, thanks to his mother's legacy. After their mother 'passed away', Dean took it upon himself to take care of his younger brother Sam and to protect him with his life.

From the moment that we meet Dean, he is funny, mischievous and more immature than his younger brother. While there was a time that Dean wanted to leave the life of a hunter, he simply could not leave his little brother behind and has since claimed that a normal 'apple pie life' is not for him. He is good with children and with the ladies, though Dean is a bit hestitant to have an emotional relationship with any girl. After fathering a daughter, named Emma, he also became more wary of a purely physical relation with the ladies.

When we look away from Dean Winchester and Supernatural, we learn that Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas and, like Dean Winchester, is a full American. Little is known about the family he grew up in, though we are aware that Jensen married actress and model Danneel Harris. Together they have one daughter who is nine years old and twins, a boy and a girl, who are five years old right now.

Much like Dean Winchester, Jensen seems to be a family man and also a co-owner of the Family Business Beer Company. However, unlike Dean Winchester Jensen got married and intentionally started a family, whereas Dean accidently fathered a child.

Jensen's first big role was as Malcolm in Mr. Rhodes, where he had a recurring role for seven episodes in 1996/1997. After that he became a series regular as Eric Brady in Days of our Lifes, where he was seen it 115 episodes between 1997 and 2000. However he is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural and has since not yet had a new main character in the series. Not that this should be a problem though, as Jensen proved himself to be a capable director he directed six episodes of Supernatural and there are rumours going around that he will be the narrator of the new spin-off series of Supernatural, which will focus on the early life of John and Mary Winchester.

Were you able to learn anything new aboutDean Winchester or did you already know all of this as a super fan? Leave a funfact in the comments and perhaps you can guess our next character and actor!



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