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Where would the Winchester boys be without the amazing assistance of their friend and ally Castiel. While Castiel loved Dean Winchester, this feeling was not mutual, yet from the moment we met Castiel in season 4, the whole world fell in love with this angel and the actor that portrayed him: Misha Collins.

Castiel was send to Earth by God to prevent Lilith from breaking the sixty-six seals that would release Lucifer from his cage. However, in his several quests, he defied the archangels several times and died several times. All this time, Castiel was resurrected by God to help Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester with their fight against evil on Earth. The last time Castiel was resurrected was by Jack Kline, after Jack absorbed Chuck's power and became the new God. After this Castiel joins Jack and helps him to shape a new and better Heaven.

Castiel is described to be impulsive, competitive, determined and quite naive. As an angel, Castiel doesn't show emotion and lacks the knowledge of human behavior, creating the funny situations we love. Unlike other angels, Castiel still has faith in God, but also has an interest in the humans and he considers himself to be the guardian angel of the Winchester brothers. However, after his resurrections, Castiel's personality starts to change. After his first resurrection, his naive personality changes and Castiel's pride grows. After his third resurrection and losing his memories, Castiel's personality became much more human. However, after regaining his memories, his original personality returned more or less too.

As sweet and naive as Castiel is, Misha himself had quite a different start in live. He was born in quite a poor family as Dmitri Tippens Krushnic and has even been homeless in his youth. He studied social theory at the University of Chicago and has interned for four months at the White House.

Even though Castiel is cleary bi-sexual, Misha himself confirmed that he is straight. He is married to Victoria Vantoch and together they have a son and a daughter. Misha is also co-founder and board president of Random Acts, which is a non-profit organisation that supports and inspires acts of kindness. Now, how fitting is that for a man that plays an angel. Even if he wasn't such a good actor, that alone should have made him famous.

Looking at his acting career, it is interesting to see that the only big role Misha ever landed was the role of Castiel in Supernatural. However, he did write, direct and act in three short film from TSA America. Still, despite only having one major role, Misha did win the best tv bromance award in 2014, which Jared and Jensen, and he won Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor in 2015.

Perhaps acting might not be the only thing Misha really invests though. Apart from acting, producing and directing, Misha is also an acomplished writer. Some of his poems can be found in the 2008 edition of Columbia Poetry Review. He even published his own book, Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You, in 2021. This book, which is a collection of poems, even reached the NYTimes Bestseller list!!! It is clear that Misha, like Castiel, is a man of many talents.



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