Welcome back to Angel Radio!
Here we go again.
New week, new episode, new music!
This time we have “Shadow” and we meet Meg and John again.
Don’t know which is worse for the brothers…

We start with You Got Your Hooks In Me from Little Charlie & The Nightcats.
I don’t know what the best part of this is.
The pun, because the song plays as the young woman walks home and is followed by the shadows or the name of the band itself.
Next, we have Pictures Of Me from Vue, a garage rock band from the late 90s/early 2000s, which plays in the bar before Sam spots Meg.
When he walks over to her the song switch to The New World from X.
A sign of her plan? Or better to say the plan her father has with the special children?
This would be one of the many hints this shows gives with his choice of music.

As always you find all the song on our Angel Radio!
Keep on rocking and stay tuned my wayward sons and sisters!

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