Ramiel, a prince of hell

Welcome back to another blogpost of "The abnormal 101", where we talk about most interesting monsters and other beings that we know, love, and sometimes hate the most in our beloved universe. Last time, we had a knoght of hell as our topic. Now we have a prince - royalty!

»I don't care. I don't care who you are.«

As one of the biggest antagonistic encounters for the Winchesters and way above their pay grade, Ramiel poses a serious threat to them once he engages them.

Ramiel is a Prince of hell and one of the first demons ever to be created by Lucifer and a general of Hell as well. After the turmoil with Lucifer died down, Ramiel even turned down his right on the throne, as he wanted to be left alone and live a peaceful life. He accepts the Colt and the lance of Michael as a present though, keeping them off the show for a long time once Lucifer got trapped in the Cage again.

Ramiel has three siblings: Dagon, Azazel and Asmodeus, all of them being princes of hell themselves. Even though he doesn’t seem to care at first, he shows interest and even some kind of care for his sibling, as he warns Crowley not to bother them with his shenanigans after Ramiel gives up the throne. After these encounters he tried to live a normal and peaceful life, until the Winchesters, followed by Castiel and Crowley, attacked his house.

»I don't care why you're here. I don't care about Heaven or Hell or anything.«

Ramiel is very sadistic in nature and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. He is able to instantly recognize angels and used this power to immediately take out Castiel without remorse, stabbing and nearly killing him with the lance of Michael. In addition, Ramiel is like a hunter, stalking his prey before killing it, what he also did with Castiel, stalking him like a monster as he tried to get away from Ramiel while being stabbed.

Ramiel tried killing the Winchesters, as they invaded his home. He knocked out Crowley, further showing how vengeful and ruthless he is even to his own, before engaging the Winchesters. Trapped with holy oil, he gives the Winchesters a countdown before he starts killing them, showing how playful he reacts to his marked pray. The fact that he prefers physical combat to his powers, as he physically engages Sam holding the lance of Michael. While in a struggle with Sam for the lance, he gets distracted by Mary Winchester stabbing him with a angel blade, which he can feel but he cannot be killed by, creating a window for Sam to kill Ramiel for good.

»I don't even care that Lucifer's got a bun in the oven.«

His vessel was a middle-aged man with beard and greying hair. He often dresses casual and is seen dressing in a jumper at home.

As every prince of hell, Ramiel possesses super strength, is immortal and can overpower other demons and angels easily, as shown in the show many times by different princes of hell.

Fun Facts

★ in the book of enoch, Ramiel is actually a fallen angel

★ he is the second yellow-eyed demon to appear in the show

★ he possessed both the weapons that his brother azazel and ultimately himself (colt and lance of michael)

Sidenote from Magnolia: I love how they spend two whole seasons to kill their first prince of hell, only to kill this one in the first episode he really appears in.

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