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Amara (portrayed in the series by Emily Swallow), also known as the Darkness, is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and the main adversary of the Winchesters in the eleventh season of the series "Supernatural". Introduced in the finale of the show's tenth season, she is portrayed as a primordial entity, embodying the absence of light and creation itself.

Amara stands as the antithesis to her brother, God, and serves as a central antagonist throughout the series. Amara's origins trace back to the dawn of time, when she and God existed as the only entities in existence. Their relationship is complex, characterized by love, rivalry, and conflict.

While God created the universe and life, Amara represents the void, yearning to consume everything her brother has created. Amara was locked away by God and the archangels ages ago with the help of the Mark of Cain until Sam Winchester and Rowena freed Dean Winchester from the mark and thus also set Amara free. Freed from her cosmic prison, she embarks on a quest to reunite with her brother and assert her dominance over his creation.

At her core, Amara represents a force that predates creation itself, embodying the fundamental essence of darkness and destruction.

Throughout the series, Amara demonstrates a compelling blend of raw power and vulnerability. She is unapologetically confident in her abilities, often displaying a regal demeanor befitting her status as a cosmic entity. However, beneath her formidable exterior lies a complex emotional landscape shaped by her tumultuous relationship with her brother, God.


Amara's interactions with the Winchesters, particularly with Dean, offer glimpses into her multifaceted personality.

Their dynamic is marked by a delicate balance of tension and understanding, as they navigate the complexities of their connection.

As the series progresses, Amara undergoes significant character development, evolving from a symbol of unfathomable darkness into a figure capable of profound introspection and growth. Her journey towards reconciliation with her brother reflects a deeper exploration of themes such as redemption, forgiveness, and the nature of existence itself.

She serves as a compelling reminder that even the most ancient and formidable entities are not immune to the complexities of human emotion and the transformative power of connection.

In the eleventh and twelfth seasons, Amara causes a lot of chaos on Earth and wants revenge on her brother for locking her up for so long. Eventually, however, she realizes that the hatred she feels for God cannot replace the love that characterizes the brotherly bond. God and the darkness ascend to heaven together, sealing their eternal conflict.

Amara resurrected Mary Winchester as thanks because Dean and Sam would continue to protect the world and had helped the darkness and God to achieve harmony. She does not appear personally in the next seasons of the series, but is mentioned in some episodes. Amara now lives in coexistence with Jack Kline since he took her brother's place.

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