Christmas Countdown

Welcome back to the Christmas Countdown!

I know that Saint Nicholas is usually the one giving the presents, but I had just as much fun as giving some presents to you as well! Today however, there will be a reindeer family waiting for you! Anyway, this is what the presents where hiding yesterday!

1. You are challenged to make a piece of homework with either the word 'present' or 'reindeer' in it! The small present seems to be the one making you work hardest.

2. As yesterday was all about sharing memories, those who chose the big present will learn about my favourite memory with them!

3. Those who chose the middle present are filled with luck! They receive either a 'Red Tuxedo' or a 'Red Evening Gown' for their Christmas dinner!

Now lets move on to today's ornaments!


Which deer will you look after?

Leave your answer in the comments! Happy Christmas Countdown

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