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Hi all readers! I hope the Nexus has treated you well over the course of the last week. If this one's a bit shorter, I apologise! I have been under the weather and I am not quite up to speed yet! Let's try, however, to see if we can do a lil' recap of the past seven days!

The Hunting Games of last week were decided in favour of the Nephs of Letters! It was a super tight game and I sadly could not attend myself but I am very sure I would have shouted like a little girl if I hadn't been in the game myself. Here's to hoping I can join the next one! They are one of my favourite happenings on site! Congrats to all the players who won, and all those that had fun.

There is a new book in the library concerning Castiel, the angel well-known to all of us! Please check it out and make sure that you read through it, or you'll never prevent those catastrophes in chat (much like me, since I never seen to guess right).

There has been no update on the promoted underwear classes of last week, I am not sure if I am relieved or disappointed. I wonder who would qualify to teach that subject...

The Nexus is still looking for a Head of Faction for the Legacies/Men of Letters. Do you get excited when seeing new blood? Do you want to promote faction pride? Do you think that chatting with people is lovely and one of your favourite pastimes? Do people feel comfortable with you? Then apply! If you have any questions about the vacancy I am very sure our Primordial or Director would love to answer them!

Last but not least, this week's Hunter of the Week is Ray Robinson, our lovely snowflake who brightens up the chat so often that it should not go without note!

That concludes the fourth week of WoS. I am still looking for a team of techies so are you interested in scouring about for the lastest news? Please send me a message! You can also message me for a request or a tip, or just for fun!

Kindest regards,,
Tristan Cavaille