Behind the Brain
Who is the person behind the Character?
Welcome everyone to the 8th interview of behind the brain. I love all my interviewers so far but today I am joined by the a hard working techie myself today. Welcome Remy Marvelles! Welcome Remy please take a seat. How lovely of you to join us today. So tell us something about you for those who don’t know you and something funny we should know about.

Hieeeeeee! Thank you so much for inviting me. I am really excited! So, if you don’t know me: I’m Remy Marvelles, a fourteen year old techie and Mr. Marvelles has the great pleasure to be family of me. Something funny? Let me think about that... I have the tendency to apologise quite a lot - sorry in advance - and people seem to find that funny. Probably because I do it sometimes without thinking, oops.

Well i knew a couple of things because we are family. But what is a secret talent that i don't even know about and you really secretly proud of?

I like to sing along with songs, which is really unfortunate for my uncle. But something you don't seem to know about, is that I really like to rap! Eminem has to watch his back when I'm in tha house, man.

WOW Really mine is still dancing in my socks when nobody is around singing to the radio and such okay next question! Can you tell all the readers why it is so amazing to be a techie? And why do you love this job so much?

There shouldn’t be a question why being a techie is amazing. It just is! Period. I love it so much, because it's a very varieted job: writing the ten reasons why, making layouts or posts - you’ll do it all! Besides that you also have the pleasure of being part of a great team!

Awesome! Being a techie is awesome or even a techie-bean just like me. So even when you have amazing ideas you can send those in to Neena Addams. Okay next question. Do you want to tell us what you have in common with Remy irl? What are the differences and what would you want to change if you could?

My identity is a really big secret and I will have to keep it a secret or I might need to hunt you down!

Mysterious... Not that we talk for hours on skype everyday. THATS A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE whahaha thanks voice. Okay next question if you would win the Lottery what would be the first thing you would buy for yourself and for someone else? lovely couple of red mustangs perhaps for your favorite uncle??

You wish! I would rather buy another uncle :p Good question! I would probably want to buy chocolate. I just love chocolate! Especially dark chocolate.

Ofcourse that would be one thing i would do the same! So we work in the same team even though i am a beanieberrie but what advice would you give to those who are considering to apply for this amazing team?

Just do it! If you’re in doubt, freak ‘em out (with an amazing application of course)!

Okay so as you can read everyone should apply for Techie team because we need people okay last question sadly. If you could choose between one thing or the other. In this case. If you would choose between Everyday Pizza or Everyday mini Loempia’s what would you pick?

I haven't eaten loempia's yet, I'm afraid. I don't eat a lot of new stuff. You could say that I'm a very picky eater. So I would choose everyday pizza's!

This was the 8th edition of Behind the brain. Thank you Remy for joining me today. And here I have a special present for you. (its a number one awesome sibling award)

And don’t forget our wonderful techie team is still looking for techies. So do you know everything about Social Media? Do you want to entertain people with your blogs or do you have amazing ideas to attract people to our site? Don’t hesitate to Apply. More information about applying can be found on the techie team club!