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My, my, how the year is ticking by. It is week 9, already, and although my last blog is only a few days ago I did want to take this time to say hi to all of you! There isn't that much news, but that won't keep me from delivering the latest.

Firstly I have a request! I am looking for a way to announce our lovely existence to the outside world and the main medium for this is... instagram! Not unheard of in the Nexus, of course, but I could use the help of some of you, at least! You can find us easily so please, give the account a follow and our posts a like and, if you have ideas... come to my inbox!

The Nexus is looking for a Chief Historian! Are you excellent at writing up the course of history, sharing our lore with the people and making sure the shelves of the library stay dust free? Please check out the application data!

Once again, like every week I will be hosting riddles! This week's riddle is:

Mrs.Witherspoon was killed Sunday afternoon. Mr.Witherspoon was in the shower. The maid was folding clothes for Mr., Mrs.Witherspoon. The chef was cooking breakfast. The gardener was planting vegetables. Who killed Mrs.Witherspoon Sunday afternoon?

Our hunter of the week is... drumrolls please! Ceridwen Awbrey! She has taken over as our home economics teacher and will, undoubtedly, be doing a great job! I can't wait to pop into some of those classes myself...

That concludes this week of WoS. I am still looking for a team of techies so are you interested in scouring about for the lastest news? Please send me a message! You can also message me for a request or a tip, or just for fun!

Kindest regards,,
Tristan Cavaille