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Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Written By:
Joelle Zakos Produced By:
The Techie Team
Welcome back to, Everything But The Kitchen Sink. A blog series where I go and search the internet for all things Supernatural. Please let me know in the comments or in a mail if you liked this blog series. This will help me know whether I should make more like this or not.

Part 1- My Online Quiz Experience

It was my mission to find a Supernatural quiz slightly different from the norm. I didn't want to know which Supernatural character I would be or who I would marry. I already know the answer to that would be Sam and Dean respectively and not at the same time because they're brothers and just... no. The WoS Twitter certainly has kept me on my toes with quizzes this past December. December was a "Month of Quizzes" on WoS Twitter which meant posting a new quiz every week in December. I selected one of those quizzes to share my results to. It was a playbuzz quiz called "Which Supernatural angel are you". Please take it yourself and share your results in the comments.

There's one question that for some reason completely cracked me up. It was about how you feel about humans... anyone who knows me knows that my life motto is pretty much "I hate humans" so... XD. Also for the question of believing in love... I might have put "irrelevant"... mostly just because it made me giggle. So my results...

I'm pretty much 100% not surprised that I got Lucifer. But I'm also not certain it's that accurate. I don't know.. do you think I'm a Lucifer? Who did you get? Did you think the results were accurate? Let me know this, and more in the comments.

Part 2- Gif of the day


Part 3- A Quick Stalk

I took a quick peek into Instagram today and found myself stalking some of our very own from WoS. I know this isn't an edition of "Social Media Stalking" so I'll keep it brief. I loved @isaiahzelinsky 's adorable Instagram story detailing one of his conversations with the beautiful @hawkkatarina. I also took a look at @ceiology (aka Celine Ikeda) and I'm pretty sure she might soon be dubbed the queen of Instagram captions. Yes, @ches_almonte (aka Chester Almonte)'s Instagram does, in fact, have beanies. There were also a series of mysterious story posts on @timothythunderstruck 's account this New Year's Eve detailing more than one person that might have a crush on our Linguistics instructor. Who could they be? Find out more by joining the WoS crew on Instagram.



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