Welcome to the first ever edition of WoS Weekly! In this new blog we have three main categories: Celebrity Hunter where we look at real life celebs and sort them into a faction, SPN Watch which theorises new possible characters that may appear in Supernatural and then How To where I show you how to be like your favourite SPN character or WoS user! In our little side bar tabloid areas there will be titbits of news to share on site which can include site changes, IG news and much more!

Prepare for some serious game hunting people! The Hunting Games are inbound and ready to begin! What is this, you may ask? The Hunting Games are the on site organised events where factions will go against each other in a great battle to capture the item of value that is stolen by the opposing faction. Kinda like capture the flag, but much more intense. Wanna find out more? Speak to your faction leader to join up and fight for your team! Maybe the MC are recruiting...

This week on Celebrity Hunter! We have recently lost a great man close to all our hearts. The man who made us believe in comics and heroes, Sir Stan Lee (yes, he deserves this title).


So how do we sort such a legendary man? Well lets look at the man he is. Stan Lee was responsible for bringing entire worlds to life to bring joy and happiness to us and our friends and family. He created marvellous heroes like Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange and many more. This guy would be a primordial if anything else (sorry Ches). So where would he fit in terms of factions?

Well which other faction is intelligent and creative? Yep, you heard it here folks. Stan Lee is most definitely a Man of Letters. Better make way MoL, Supernatural may be entering the Spider-Verse.
AND NOW, we move to the WoS Weekly, How To tutorials. Today we will learn how to be none other than the demon Crowley.


So what's the first ingredient for the sinister antagonist? Affect a strong British accent. That sexual, grizzled British accent is enough to give all of us the willies as Crowley steals the mic and the floor every time he speaks.
And now for the final section in the WoS Weekly Post, SPN Watch! So who do we think might be the net person in history, fiction or religious lore to possibly make a grand entrance in Supernatural? My guess, the angel RAZIEL. Raziel is an important figure in the Christian bible as he is known as the Angel of Mysteries and the Keeper of Secrets. Imagine what he could contribute to Supernatural for a story line if he is the keeper of Heaven's secrets! I smell a Lucifer return for this one. Or possibly even Metatron? Who knows!
Do you have any opinions for Warrior Weekly? Comment who you think should be next for SPN Watch, Celebrity Hunter or How To: Supernatural!