Supernatural Beings
Hello! Welcome to the ninth edition of Supernatural Beings! My name is Bernard Min, your little half-angel and your host for this blog article! If this is your first time reading this, this article serves to share knowledge to all of you about supernatural beings in the TV show itself as well as comparing it with real-life lores and legends! In a meantime, there are a lot of beings and stories the show hadn't cover much so I'll take the job to explain their origins ٩(^◡^)۶

Keep in mind that some of the contents of this articles may have triggering references and spoilers of the show so if this is not a thing for you then do stay away from reading this (´◡`)

How time flies! We're almost to the 10th article soon :o After all, it was a wild ride to discuss and share paranormal stories. Without further ado, let's go right into the stories, shall we?

If there's only one person that you shouldn't invite to your house - or have a ride in your car, it should be these children. I met with this man, a truck driver and he told me about all of these weird kids who hitchhiking around the small towns. It was night time and he was driving by from a late shift and he stumbled upon a young kid who was just about 6 asked the man that he wanted a ride home. The man saw something in the boy's eyes. It was all BLACK! It was lifeless and really, it was freaky. However, this is not the first time someone encountered these children.

Black-eyed children, like the name states itself - are a bunch of children with black eyes and pale skin. They are usually at the age of 6 to 16 and can be seen begging around the empty road or hitchhiking. Sometimes, they will come around alone or in pairs knocking at your door and ask if they want to stay in your house for a while 'to wait for their parents'. Besides blacked-out eyes, these children typically appear normal. Sometimes, their attire seems outdated. Rarely, people have reported encountering creatures with talon-like feet.

There are some speculations with these kids. Sources would say they are aliens or maybe some form of ghosts. Some would say they are spawns of the devil himself so if you let the kids in, you 'let the devil enter in your life'. In some cases, those who encounter the black-eyed children in their homes will experience from nosebleeds to being diagnosed with cancer. Whomever that makes eye contact - like directly at their blacked-out eyes, it is guaranteed that they will have bad luck ahead of them.

There are certain claims that they exist as such these children would sometimes stare at people sleeping in their rooms or waking up waking up in the middle of the night because they sensed someone was watching them and in the shadows were these black-eyed children. As they are mere urban legends, we in Nexus would believe that black-eyed children exist like any other supernaturals out there; just that we don't have much solid proof of who are they exactly. What I do know and advise everyone here is that, if you ever encounter with black-eyed children, don't help them and obviously, DON'T LOOK AT THEIR EYES!

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"angels can cause chaos too"
written by bernard min