Welcome back to Angel Radio!
Episode Nr. 4 it is!
Phantom Traveler.
Once more a more dark and silent episode so we have only three songs today.

We start with Paranoid from Black Sabbath which plays as the brothers came out in their new suits, heading over to the warehouse where the plain wrack is.
Since they are doing some quite illegal stuff there and almost getting caught I think its a pretty neat song choice here.
The second one is to hear twice.
Working Man from Rush.
It plays when they drive to Nazareth to investigate the second crushed plane and again when they are on the way back, Sam is calling the other survivers and they decide to drive to the airport where the flight attendant Amy will take off with her next flight.
The last one…well its not really to me heard in the episode.
Its just Dean humming Metallicas Some Kind of Monster to keep himself calm as he has quite some hard time with being on the plane.
But! We have a bonus: The Song that the girl with the headphones is listening to while Dean checks the EMF Its Blues Sarceno - Load Rage and you can find it here
There is another song starting to play as the brothers drive away but sadly its not listed somewhere correctly and shazam couldn’t find anything as well. So we have another supernatural music riddle here again.
Of course you find our song of the Week on our Angel Radio!
Keep on rocking and stay tuned my wayword sons and sisters!
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